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for best possible results


Through my app you will get 100% individualized workout routines and meal plans. 

It is up to you if you are training at home or in the gym. Likewise you will also have access to vegetarian or vegan nutrition plans.
I will put together a plan based on your situation, your preferences and your wishes.

Throughout the whole program you will have personal support through the chat function as well as weekly live check-ins with me. 

After getting our first baby with my husband, I realized that I got off track with my diet and my training routine. I couldn´t find the time and motivation to get back into the same training routine like I had prior to the birth of our little girl. Amadeo showed me how to workout effectively, how to implement healthy habits into my lifestyle and motivated me to feel push to my best athletic possible.


At some point I needed to admit it: I´m in my 30is and I gained too much weight. The problem was, no matter how hard I tried, the weight only went up instead of down. When I began to work with Amadeo, I quickly started to see results. I really loved how Amadeo motivated me, how easy it became to workout correctly and to stick to the diet.
Thank you so much for your support Amadeo.


I have been trying to improve my overall fitness level for a long time but didn´t know how to do it in an efficient and exciting way. I could not stand the boring gym workouts anymore. When I met Amadeo, he showed me how to get fit in a creative and fun way. I like how he always is tracking my progress and always pushes me beyond my own limits. 



Do you want to look awesome for pride, for work, dating and everywhere in between?

Are you tired of trying different training routines and diets that never pay off? 
In my online coaching program you get all you need to lose fat quickly and build muscle efficiently. The coaching program will be tailored to your needs and your fitness level. 
After the program you should never need another coach or program again because I'll teach you every last trick in the book pertaining to diet and exercise. 

Are you based in Berlin and looking for an effective training that is specifically tailored to your needs? 
I offer an exclusive personal training with a combination of strength, endurance and athletic training combined with nutritional coaching which ensures you are reaching your goals time efficiently, however never forgetting the fun. The workout sessions are held at a place of your choice and I will provide professional equipment and
high-quality training tools.

Über mich

I´m a sports and exercise science graduate and certified Personal Trainer from Berlin. I´m specialized in strength training and fat loss and have a passion for martial arts. My continuous urge to educate myself further in the field of sports and exercise science and nutrition science, ensures a professional course of training and coaching in line with current scientific standards. 
My maxim in life is: Grow and Contribute!
I´m looking forward to serving you. 



  • Leisure and Performance Sport/Psychology (BA Magdeburg, Germany and Valencia, Spain) 

  • Certified Personal Trainer (Australian Fitness Academy, Melbourne, Australia) 

  • Certified Gym Instructor (Australian Fitness Academy, Melbourne, Australia) 

  • Certified Judo Coach (C-Licence, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany) 

  • Certified Sling Trainer (Redcord, through Centre of Sportsmedicine, Berlin, Germany)

  • Certified Online Coach (Online Trainers Federation, Online Course)

Saupeweg 8a, 13127 Berlin

Tel.: +49 163 478 265 4

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